A restaurant owner needs mats that keep everything clean and safe. So, this premium lit mat is a decent solution for you. In fact, these restaurant mats are the perfect choices for restaurants and industrial kitchens, due to their anti-slip quality. Moreover, our restaurant mats have an outstanding drainage system to protect workers from any accident.
·       Recommended for moisture areas
·       Perfect for areas prone to skid
Features and benefits
·       Manufactured with ½ inches thick rubber
·       Efficient drainage system
·       Reduce slip
·       Help to increase productivity due to its anti-fatigue properties
·       Drain holes help to filter liquids easily
·       Easy to maintain
·       Available in colors red and black
Waterhog Classic & Fashion Mats
If you are looking for a classic but elegant mat, this could be a nice alternative for you. These mats are crush resistant and high performance products with extended product life. Moreover, these entrance floor mats are manufactured of absorbent fabrics, which hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, keeping water off carpets and floors. These mats are elegant, resistant and provide anti-slip surface technology so that you can feel completely protected.
·       Recommended for places where dirt can creep frequently
·       Most affordable solution for outdoor places
·       In moist place work pretty fine thanks to its non-skid technology
Features and benefits
·       Long-lasting polypropylene fabric which is perfect for indoor and outdoor
·       Specially designed border to absorb dirty and moisture
·       Backing and border manufactured with fabric
·       Easy to clean with a vacuum
·       You can choose from rubber backing or gripper backing
·       All kind of entrances
·       In supermarkets and shops
·       Schools
·       Icy areas
·       Malls

·       Hotels and resorts